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L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique


December 2017


Work in solo


Mobile app


We were asked to redesign the Utopiales’ website. This event site communicates on the different conferences and meetings that will take place during the week of the event in Nantes, France. The event covers topics related to science fiction and each year a more specific theme is announced. Thanks to this site we have access to the schedule of the event, a sales area to buy tickets and an archive area that contains all the conferences, photos and articles related to the event. After analysing the ergonomics problem of the current website I produced a large benchmark of other festivals event websites . Thanks to this benchmark I could create the new sitemap of the Utopiales’ website.

Single Project Single Project

The project

I decided to transform this site into a reference in the field of science fiction. It is not only focused on the Utopiales event based in Nantes in France but I opened it on the entire culture of science fiction. For this, I took inspiration from journalistic sites to make the interface easy to use. It lists not only what is related to the event but also to the entire community and other international science fiction events.

Single Project Single Project

I also wanted to include a discovery part of this very wide universe that is science fiction. I included an interactive map where you can visit Nantes today and thanks to 360°video you can discover the city in another space-time.

Single Project

The demonstration video

What I learned in this project

This project allowed me to discover in depth what science fiction was.
I learned to analyze a current website and find out what was missing to improve it. Working solo seems to be easier to organize ourselves, but the sharing moment at school was very helpful to improve my ideas and to go further in my project, thanks to the feedback of other students.