Long project class

L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique


May to June 2017


mobile app

Context and Team work

The theme of our long project was about “local trade”. I worked with Camille Campo and Noé Martineau for this project.
“Les Littéraires” is a mobile app which contributes to highlight the little local shop and especially bookshops. The purpose is to help booksellers and bookshop owners to organize events, such as meeting with writers or reading meetings and to collaborate with the various local shops in the neighborhood.

Single Project

The project

Our app was designed in two parts joining together. One side for the organizers, for organizing meetings and collaboration, and one side for the clients, for the communication on the meetings. The user can easily switch from one mode to another because a seller may be a customer too. We did not want to have two completely separate services.
Thanks to filters, the user can only select what really interests him. He can save interesting events and participate in others. To help the organization of the event, people have to register their participation and choose different hours.

The demonstration video: bookseller's interface

The demonstration video: reader's interface

Single Project

What I learned in this project

I learned that we have to be very well organized when we have to program our app. We were in a group of three students, with three different coding methods. If we had better organized our style guide and the naming system of our coding element, we would have be more efficient.