Abstract representation
of emotions felt by a woman
victim of an aggression.


"Processing and
Sound design" workshop

L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique


March 2018


5 days


Immersive experience
Serious game

The project

"Elle" the woman or "Elles" the women is an interactive installation, denouncing the prejudices undergone by the victims of sexual assaults.

Context and Team work

This project was created during a one-week workshop called "Processing and Sound Design" in February 2018. We worked as a team with Camille Campo and Auriane Pouzin. I worked on the conception of the story with my two classmates and I was responsible for designing and programming the bubble, the main graphic element of the game, and its different variations.

Single Project

Interactive installation and serious game

The installation is an immersive game through which the spectator embodies the victim. He will interact and choose actions throughout the game to move forward in the story.

Immersive, to get inside woman's emotions

The purpose is to get inside the woman's emotions. The central element of the installation is a bubble. Depending on the emotion felt by the character that we embody, the bubble aspect changes. The shape can be thorny or wavy.

Single Project


62,000 women are victims of rape and attempt of sexual assault each year.

ined.fr, Christelle Hamel, Alice Debauche, Elizabeth Brown, 11/23/2016
egalite-femmes-hommes.gouv.fr, 11/2016

Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted.

rain.org, 2017

The scenario

Through the scenario, we wanted to show that the choices we make will not influence the story. The best example is the first choice: whether you choose to wear a skirt or pants, the story will always end the same way.


The demonstration video

What I learned in this project

I learned to work very effectively in a short period of time (only 5 days to create the serious game from scratch). We learned how to split the work depending on the skills of each one in the team. I learned a lot about programming in Java on Processing during the workshop, and then I learned to work on P5*JS in only one-week, for the Nantes Maker Campus preparation. We challenged ourselves to learn new things, and I really liked to program my own project. I realized that Interaction design is not only web design. We can create everything we want. Thanks to this project I learned to break the screen glass to make the experience more immersive. This project allowed me to work on emotions and empathy, exactly in my way of thinking. Without emotion, there is no good experience.
Looking at the reaction of other students, teachers, friends, family, and other outsiders, I also realized how this subject is still sensitive.