Ergonomic interfaces course

L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique


September to November 2017


5 days


mobile app

Context and Team work

As part of an ergonomic interfaces classes from September to November 2017, we created with Virginie Souffoy and Camille Campo, an application for divorced parents and all single-parent families raising their children alone.

During interviews, we found that the main problem of these families was the complexity of organizing the different schedules.

Single Project


According to a study by INSEE, the number of single-parent families almost doubled between 1962 and 2005. In 2008, the number rose to 1.76 million families en France., 06/20/2008

The number of single-parent families has doubled in the last twenty years from 950,000 in 1990 to 1.8 million in 2013.

Women represent 85% of parents at the head of a one-parent family.

Observatoire des inégalités, 12/13/2016

The project

For this project, we developed a mobile application integrating a schedule shared by all family members. Our service integrates a search box for activities and professional services, adapted to the needs of everyone.

Single Project

The demonstration video

What I learned in this project

I realized that in this kind of project we can not restrict ourselves to one typology of a user. At the beginning or subject was to “create a service for women raising their child alone” so we decided to include also men raising their child alone and divorced families because they have similar needs. We not only wanted to create one typology of persona but to think for a personae spectrum with similar needs.
It was very interesting to interview people to find out what their real needs are. I also learned not to stay focus on our first idea and to remain openminded.
Thanks to this teamwork we learned a methodology to become more efficient. We were able to easily split the different tasks because we managed to establish a relationship of trust between us.