Raphaëlle's internship experience at Emotic

Interview by Emotic Friday, November 2nd 2018

Raphaëlle Gorenbouh talks to us about her four months of training in the Team UX at EMOTIC, covering all subjects: daily life, management, and organization of her schedule, advice to future trainees...

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What was my role at Emotic?

My internship's goal was to work on the new uses of Augmented Reality in order to design an application. After many benchmarks on different technologies and existing applications, I was asked to integrate the device to a customer problem. Working on the user experience and ergonomics, I created a sales support tool integrating an augmented reality simulator for doors- and windows-manufacturers.

During my internship, I was also able to assist my colleagues on several projects: animations of screens to boost our interfaces, working on a video terminal, and creation of wireframes as well as high definition models.

I had the opportunity to participate in "Emosearch" workshops conducted by the UX Researcher. These workshops allowed me to learn to see further, without constraints of time or budget and in a different way as thinking an experience by the senses (hearing, sight, smell, etc).

What has marked me on my first day?

When I arrived for my first day I was a little nervous, the warm welcome of the whole team put me immediately in confidence. I was greeted by Quentin and Justine who took care of me in the absence of my tutor during the first days.

On my desk, there was a welcome letter accompanied by a Nerf gun with single ammunition. The welcome letter listed the things that I had the right to do "say no, prefer coffee tea, etc". In a way, it reassured me.

How is a week/day type?

My work days were usually cut in half. Working on different projects, I alternated them to take a step back. I tried to anticipate my workload even if emergencies can happen. Whenever I received assignments, I asked a time constraint in which I must do them to help me to organize my weeks.

At the beginning of my internship, I was quite anxious about being able to organize my days. I was quickly reassured and accompanied thanks to a weekly appointment with the all UX team to see what was done, what must be done and what is finished.

What are my expectation for the future?

After my internship at Emotic, I am going to finish my third year of Bachelor's degree in interaction design. Today's issues in my field of study are the tools and methods that are evolving rapidly. You have to be constantly evolving to stay up to date. Therefore, I wish to continue my studies up to Master's level in order to have a profile that will match to the demand and future challenges.

I do not know yet which area of specialization I want to go, although Augmented Reality is very attractive. Today I plan to continue my studies with the Master Tangible Interfaces, offered at L'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, which would allow me to keep a more "general" profile.

I hope to take advantage of my next internships to go abroad, discover new cultures, new challenges and new ways of working.

Any pieces of advices for future Emotic's trainees?

If I had any advice for future Emotic trainees it would be: rest assured, Emotic is like a big family, with their good mood, it's a pleasure to come and work every day at the agency.

Emotic is like a big family, with their good mood, it's a pleasure to come and work every day at the agency.

You will have the opportunity to live many convivial moments, whether during a breakfast, around the foosball table or during Nerf battles in offices.

Whatever your level of foosball, the main thing is to play and they will be there to give little tips.

And most importantly, do not forget to lock your computer session otherwise you may have surprises!

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